Optional Extras

Polesy Commercial can have your logo and /or business name printed onto items from our linen and towel collections. This makes for easy product identification for off-site laundering and assists in stock control.

Labels are a more subtle form of product identification, and we can arrange to have labels with your logo and /or business name produced and sewn into the hems of our products.

We have in-house thermal marking facilities for products that require a quick and easy method of identification.

We can arrange high quality embroidery of your logo and /or business name onto any of our product ranges.

Various items such as towels, cotton cellular blankets and tea towels can have jacquard woven designs incorporated in their manufacture.

If you prefer to have your different sizes of linen and towels easily identified by different coloured stitching along one or more hems, which allows quick and easy recognition in the laundry or on the housekeeping cart, we can arrange this at the time you place your order.
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