A new and innovative packaging technology, the Ad*Star sack concept is a patented, renowned single-layer block-bottom sack, made without adhesives from coated woven polypropylene (WPP) fabric. It is superior to other comparable products as far as resistance to breakage is concerned, is versatile and also eco-friendly and economical. It exhibits high strength; is water & weather resistant; withstands rough handling; is tear resistant; has varying air-permeability; is recyclable & reusable and is well suited for pallet storage with the brick-shape packed sack.

The Ad*Star Sack can be produced either as a one-layer block bottom valve bag (V-BB) or as an open mouth bag with a block bottom without valve (OM-BB) and with or without micro-perforations.

AD*STAR Sacks can be produced with UV Protection and with various coloured woven fabrics.

Laminations are also an option, to give a gloss or special matt finish, with high quality graphics & printing up to 8 colours, including process printing (photographic), i.e.: Laminated with BOPP (gloss or matt) film with high quality photographic printing for the ultimate presentation.

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Sack Width 350 - 600mm
Sack Length 450 - 910mm
Block Widths 80 - 180mm
Fabric WPP Laminated - WPP/BOPP Laminated
Printing Flexographic printing, up to 6 colours
Rotogavure printing, up to 9 colours
Weave 8x8, 10x10, 12x12, 14x14
Denier 600 - 1500 Denier