Sewing Thread & Bag Closers

Sewing Threads
Polesy Packaging & Industrial stock and supply a large range of sewing threads, from 250grm cones for general hand stitchers up to 7kg cones for more efficient production and less downtime. We stock both food grade and standard industrial thread with any colour available based on your company's requirements.

Bag Closer - Siruba AA-6
The Siruba AA-6 is lightweight and easy to operate with automatic thread cutter and pressure foot lifter. It is also equipped with a lubricating device for oiling and prolonging machine life. Used for closing all types of paper, cotton, polywoven and hessian bags. The AA-6 is a very high quality unit which offers exceptional value for money when compared with American and Japanese competitors. Available in 240 volt for normal use, 110 volt for use in environments where water is present or 12 volt DC for field work.

This bag closer is very useful where space is restricted. Accessories include Hanging Kit which aids efficiency and prevents damage from accidental dropping. We also stock and supply food grade and standard industrial thread for use with these machines.

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Polyester Sewing Thread

Construction 20s / 6 ply / 8 ply
Colours White, Red, Variegated Red & White
Packing 250gm to 2kg and 7kg Cones
Options Food Grade Quality (5% Palm Oil Treated)
  Non-Food Grade Quality (5% Silicone Treated)